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Jackie, as she prefers to be known, has worked as a Paralegal for more than 25 years. Having attended San Francisco State University and, with a B.A. in Political Science from Sonoma State University, she also served as Paralegal Department Head and Dean at Empire College. It is worth noting that she comes from a long line of Law Professionals. You can see where the seed of interest in helping people navigate the legal system first began.


Jackie’s experience during those 25 years has had her involved in an array of experiences surrounding paralegal work, which has included, but not been limited to, Living Trusts, Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Real Property and Civil Litigation.

“Early in my Paralegal career, after I had helped a Client, her husband asked to talk to me. He had noticed how much better his wife felt after getting several legal issues straightened out, including a Living Trust for the two of them. He wanted to let me know how much they appreciated my effort to make it easy and comfortable. His appreciation was so sincere and the gratitude so heartfelt that it confirmed my desire to help every Client feel that good about our process.”

Jacqueline Jolley

Diane Horton

In 1969, Diane has a very personal experience with the Probate process when her husband died, leaving her with two very young children, a small house and a small rental property. Her husband had a valid Will prepared by an attorney and had named San Diego Trust & Savings as the Executor of the estate. After three years of going through the courts during Probate, the Executor had received fees in excess of $75,000, all perfectly legal and set by the State of California.


It was shortly thereafter when Diane went to work for a retired Superior Court judge who specialized in estate planning, Wills and Trusts. It was then that she became convinced of the necessity for the average person to have a Revocable Living Trust and she studied to learn all she could about this process.

• Partner Trammell Crow Companies, Dallas, Texas

  Associate, Legal Department, Continental Airlines,

  Los Angeles.


• Past president Young Republicans, City of Los Angeles


• Past President Roseville Chamber of Commerce


• Past president Soroptimist International of Roseville


• Presidential Appointment 1971 to serve under

  President Richard M. Nixon for the study of

  Environmental and Ecological conditions in the

  State of California.



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