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Gun Trusts

We believe that our commitment begins with the decision to create, or not to create, a Gun Trust. What we mean by this is that we will also work to educate our clients from the beginning of the process including the content we provide on our web site by being open to the question as to whether, or not, you need a gun trust. While we believe that gun owners are better off having a gun trust, individual situations vary and therefore this may not always be the best solution. So the process begins with the key question, do you need a Gun Trust? It’s also important to note that we also work with most all categories of Living Trust which adds to the overall depth of our experience for our valued clients.


A Gun Trust is NOT a way to circumvent the law as some in our profession may attempt to communicate. In this case where the law has not yet caught up with perceived loop holds in existing laws we should not assume that this will continue. But the reality of this situation about more gun control laws is not about to ease any time soon


What’s included in a Gun Trust?


• Gun Trust/NFA Firearms Trust

• Certification of Trust

• Bank Instruction Letter

• Appointment of Co-‐Trustee

• Resignation of Co-‐Trustee

• Bill of Sale

• ATF Forms

• Transfer Instructions

It’s Just A Matter Of Time


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